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    Scientists read dozens of books during their life and conlude there is so WD>much more to discover.

    A politician and a failed presidential candidate claimed global warming `science is settled'!

    Many so-called `climate' scientists made pretty much the same claims, but went further by discrediting other scientists, threatening scientific publications in order to suppress any facts or information that countered their `agenda'; which was to keep that taxpayer-supplied grant money rolling in!

    Unfortunately, the lid blew off in a series of emails between one of the biggest con artists; Phil Jones; and one of his main accomplices, the `hockey puck....er....stick' graph creator.

    Religious followers read 1 book and pretend to know it all.

    Scientists read MANY books and `papers' on the global warming scam...think
    they got a lock on it to the exclusion of any and all contrary information
    that strongly refutes their scam.....and pretend to know it all!

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