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    TIM RICHARDSON wrote to ROBERT BASHE on Monday November 27 2017 at 18:11:

    One of the best breakfasts I ever ate was in a gesthaus near Mesau. A
    thick slice of ham almost the size of a plate, with eggs and thick
    black bread.

    I almost asked the frau to run off with me! She was a great cook!

    And the best meals I've had were at a small restaurant just outside Lubbock, Texas, where I went to school.

    I used to go there on the weekends and order the "small sirloin", which was only "small" at the time (now surely termed "extra large"). Unbelieveably tender, with french fries and salad. But the best part of the meal were the cheese rolls served with the meal - they were so good I used to buy 10 extra to
    take out and eat in the dorm.

    I never got up the nerve to ask for the recipe (nor, I suppose, would I have been given it), but now wish I had. The best rolls I ever ate, either hot or cold.

    And the whole meal cost exactly $1.25, including a Coke or iced tea. That was in 1959-1962. Try even equalling - not bettering - that nowadays. If you could get it at all, you'd probably pay $100 for it.

    This is one of the reasons I so often live in the past. Nothing in the present comes even close.

    Cheers, Bob

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