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    From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to All on Wednesday, January 03, 2018 07:25:02
    Hello Everybody,

    Ringing in a New Year with a reposting of a message from yesteryear -

    One possibility is to remove the present Z1C and replace her
    with someone who can actually understand how important it is
    to actually follow the policy we have available in fidonet.

    The policy that Z2 didn't ratify and members refuse to follow?

    Not to mention there is nobody that has the authority to remove
    the Z1C other then the RCs who put her in that positions.

    "To permit irresponsible authority is to sell disaster."
    - Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

    By allowing the *C's to continue their dictatorship over
    zone 1 is to "permit irresponsible authority" or "disaster"
    as being your own individual standard.

    There is no longer an IC, and I'm not so sure that an IC could
    have done that either.

    Authority resides in the hands of individual sysops,
    regardless of what the *C's have proclaimed through
    their self-proclaimed document known as P4.

    It is not a binding document, as the powers the *C's
    granted themselves can be effectively rescinded by
    individual sysops anytime they want - as so rudely
    demonstrated to the Region 10 Coordinator many moons


    -=end reposting=-

    The more things change, the more things stay the same ...

    --Lee (both then and now)

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